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What’s a Better Natural Male Enhancer: VigRx Plus or Zenerx?

July 5th, 2012 by admin

Here’s my review of a couple of male enhancement products called Vigrx and Zenerx. Both of these natural male enhancers contain herbs that have been known to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a very frustrating condition when men can’t achieve or keep an erection hard enough for intercourse. This can really hurt a relationship.

Herbs can help men produce more testosterone, among other things. This is a very important sex hormone that peaks when males are in their teens. That’s why men excel at sports and sex when they are younger. All men remember the hardness and durability of their erections when they were teenagers. But can male enhancers like VigRx Plus really help men regain the sexual potency of those earlier years?

The answer is yes, probably. Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction will benefit from penis pills with good, pure herbal ingredients. But it’s also important to exercise and eat right, of course. The key is to keep blood flow reaching all parts of the body. Blood filling the penis is what causes erections. The best male enhancement products will enlarge blood vessels so hard erections can be achieved.

The thing I don’t like about male enhancers like Zenerx is that they promise penis enlargement as well. I don’t believe that herbs can make your penis bigger. So when a company claims penis enhancement from herbs I begin to doubt their reputation. Male pills can help sexual desire and sexual performance, but not size. If you want to make your penis bigger you have to use a penis extender. The best one is called SizeGenetics.

Now if you’re interesting in producing more semen, or cum, then you need to try a product called Volume Pills. These penis pills will help you increase ejaculation. They are filled with special herbs that help your body produce the ingredients for ejaculate. It’s not some kind of magic. Porn stars use these types of products all the time. Another product that increases seminal fluid is called Semenax. Both of these products will help you with your ejaculation volume.


I believe that most male enhancement reviewers, such as David Corn, would recommend VigRx Plus over Zenerx. If they don’t allow you perform sexually the way you think you should, you can always get your money back. But I think you’ll experience greater sexual satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms with Vigrx, so give it a try.

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Zenerx and Zenerex are Quality Natural Male Enhancement Pills

July 5th, 2012 by admin

Organic sex enhancers for men are natural herbs that heighten the libido and sexual performance. A few of these natural herbs are horny goat weed, cnidium, tongkat, and mace root. The most beneficial way to consume these natural herbs is buy a product that contains all of these herbs, sort of like a vitamin. But are these items for real, or are they merely cons?

Regrettably, almost all herbal remedies are weak because the natural substances they contain are simply of low quality. Why do companies do this? Because it is simple and profitable. And because the govt isn’t interested in managing the herbal industry.

It is unfortunate that individuals are being turned off from natural herbs, because for centuries they have assisted men who want to fix their sex-related dysfunctions. Folks knew that herbs contained powerful compounds and they used them prudently. Even in modern times, plants play a considerable function in medical solutions. For instance, over 50 percent of all medications used to cure most cancers are the result of plants.

Let’s look at tongkat ali. It can help your body produce additional doses of testosterone, a very important sex hormone. And maca root acts upon libido and sexual stamina. Horny goat weed, meanwhile, is very good at stimulating blood circulation. Mixing these natural herbs collectively can truly enhance your sex-related expertise.

But you want to discover a tablet that contains genuine and focused natural herbs. And the volume, or dosages, have to be big enough to genuinely have an impact. Here are a couple of fundamental rules of thumb for anybody who would like to purchase natural male enhancers for men.

Search for an organization that’s been making natural items for a few years and that has an excellent reputation. Seek to discover an item whose natural substances are evaluated thoroughly for quality and safety. Another good thing is a good re-order rate. This shows that people like the product and are satisfied. It is also vital to find an herbal company that is from the United States and abides by the recommendations of the government’s Food and Drug Administration.

If you ask me, you can’t do much better than a male enhancement product called Zenerx for Men, which is sometimes called Zenerex. It’s one of the most popular penis pills today. If you are experiencing issues with sex, then you should probably try a superior natural solution like Zenerx. You are able to do it prudently over the internet, and you do not need a doctor’s prescription.

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Fix Erectile Dysfunction with Endowmax and Extenze

July 5th, 2012 by admin

As men age, it’s somewhat common for them to wonder how to sustain a solid erection during intercourse. Did you know that research shows that over one half of men over the age of 40 go through some form of impotence? It’s harmful when this happens, and erectile dysfunction, or ED, can impact a marriage or relationship very adversely.

There are a lot of causes for impotence, but the most essential are reduced exercise and insufficient levels of testosterone. Blood vessels also start to firm up as men age, and the male sex hormones begin decreasing right after a person’s puberty. By middle age, a lack of this sex hormone means an erection that just isn’t up to par.

Naturally, a lot of males turn to chemical drugs that increase sexual performance. But firstly you must go to a physician and get a prescription. These medications are full of man-made substances, and often result in negative adverse reactions. That’s why men are significantly switching to natural male enhancement products. But, how well do these natural products work?

Ancient communities around the world realized the value of plant remedies. They often used organic herbs such ginseng, maca, tongkat ali, epimedium (or horny goat weed), and many others to improve sexual efficiency. These natural male enhancers improve the flow of blood, they increase the amount of sex hormones, and increase endurance naturally, without adverse reactions.

The trouble these days is that there are very few sex enhancers that contain organic herbs as strong and genuine as the ones people used to take years ago. So lots of men try these natural products and give up on them because they don’t perform.

That’s a disgrace, because organic herbs really can help men get over impotence. But it is essential to discover a male enhancement product that contains high-quality 100% organic substances. The organic herbs need to be thoroughly examined and re-tested for strength and safety. And it’s essential that the amounts of these organic herbs must be big enough to have a positive effect.

There are a couple of really good male enhancement pills called Endowmax and Extenze. Endowmax is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm, who is a pretty famous doctor who has appeared on television. You’ve probably heard of the natural male enhancer called Extenze. There are many commercials for it on television.


If you are thinking about repairing your love life, taking excellent organic herbs is definitely worth a try. It might take a little bit of time for these organic herbs to gather strength in your system. So some persistence is required. But if you discover a strong organic solution from a solid, reputable company, you’ll likely be very happy with the results, and so will your lover!

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The Best Way to Ejaculate More is with Semenax or Volume Pills

July 5th, 2012 by admin

There are quite a few problems that men face that are not discussed much. Here’s one which you can just assent to silently, in the privacy of your own head: You are in the middle of a hot lovemaking session with a lady you really want to make an impression on. It’s going great and you’re sensing a big finish, particularly with all those sexy sounds coming from your partner. You feel that you’re going to cum and you get into place for a fantastic money shot onto her tummy, but…there’s just a little dribble of semen.

It’s awkward. It creates an experience in your own mind that you are not enough of a man. And more intensely, it takes away from the power of your orgasm. Having less ejaculatory quantity can be a much larger problem than how it appears to a female sex partner. It also means that your ejaculations are simply not as efficient, and it’s associated with a weak libido and lack of fertility. Worst of all, it causes your confidence as a sexual performer to plummet.

That’s the bad information. The great thing is that, yes, there are indeed ways to improve the power of your ejaculations and the volume of semen. Lots of men think they know how to add to the quantity of their ejaculate when they orgasm However, there are only a few examined, confirmed techniques of doing so.

There are quite a few natural male enhancers that have been confirmed as effective for increasing seminal fluid. If you are searching for an ejaculation enhancing system, preferably you will desire one that features every single substance that has been shown to increase semen production. You may get some positive outcomes by getting one or two of these substances, but using them in the right blends and the appropriate doses is by far the very best way to increase the quality and quantity of your semen.


This is why many professionals will suggest Semenax, which you can read about at It’s the number one ranked male semen increaser, and it has been approved by many doctors. This male enhancement product contains all of the substances that we talked about above plus many other good ones. In addition, there’s another very excellent semen enhancer called Volume Pills.

All of our bodies are different, so one product might perform better for you than the other. It’s a wise decision to test out both and see which one is ideal for your own individual body chemistry.

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Can ProSolution Pills Enlarge Your Penis?

July 5th, 2012 by admin

For hundreds of years the controversy over whether or not penis dimension really is important has been at the leading edge of sexual discussion around the globe, and has been clinging over gent’s heads for even more time. It can be almost difficult to get an immediate response to the concern from a woman, and that is mostly due to the point that females don’t want to ruin men’s confidence. Most females will tell other men that it’s all about efficiency and that dimension is not a problem, but the actual truth is that this is just supposed to make us feel more confident in our sexual abilities.

Yes it is real that technique and passion can make sex a lot better for women, but it is also real that more than 50% of the time females confess to saying that size does matter. If technique was really so important then why would females even say anything to the contrary?

Despite whether females believe that penis dimension is an issue or not, the truth is that a person’s confidence suffers from lack of size. A man that feels satisfied with his dimension will be able to pay attention to his fulfillment and his partner’s fulfillment rather than concerning himself about whether or not he is big enough. Because the issue of size is so important, to both men and women, it is easy to see why herbal medicines like these at ProSolution Pills have become so well-known.

ProSolution Pills can provide you with a bigger erection that you can feel confident about. Now you can relax about the whole size issue and truly get down to business. When you no more have to feel pressure about your size and whether or not you are big enough to offer fulfillment, you can concentrate more on the real action and make sure that your partner seems as satisfied as possible.


The best thing to do if you are suffering from ED is to use a top-rated natural male enhancement pill such as ProSolution Pills, which you can read more about at their homepage. When you use ProSolution, you can be assured that you are using a safe, effective, reliable product that doesn’t have any kind of bad side effects. Without having to worry about penis size, you can now really start enjoying sex again. And if you suffer from sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, the herbs in these pills can also help you in that department as well.

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Can SizeGenetics or Penomet Make Your Penis Bigger?

July 5th, 2012 by admin

A mere decade ago, the amount of choices a man had regarding penis extenders wasn’t great. Back then all you had to choose from was a single style, and there was a significantly bigger possibility that the device would slip off, or that the extender just didn’t really fit the particular size of your male organ. Thankfully, things are very different today.

Acknowledging that one style did not fit all, many top penile device producers have customized and tailored their designs to provide the customer with more possibilities. According to Jonas Scout, whose company makes the Penomet penis pump, men have a variety of real choices when it comes to penis enlargement today.

Here are some of the recent improvements in penis extenders:

Silicon Noose vs. Relaxation Band – Not only do you get a rubber noose today, but devices like SizeGenetics give you a comfortable strap which decreases slippages and propagates the hold of it over a bigger portion of the penis.

Comfort Technological Innovation – To account for the variety of different types of penises, extenders now also give you something called a protection pad, which helps with making the device more comfortable to wear. Also, the portion of the device which touches the skin is now covered in latex, which means less irritation of the sensitive penile skin. In addition, there’s also a non-slip strap to hold things in place better. Nowadays, thanks to these various technologies, some of these penis devices offer over a dozen different ways to make successful use of the equipment.

MDA Technological Innovation – Because some penises curve, devices such as SizeGenetics now feature Multi-Directional Angling. This means that the device can always perfectly adapt to your penis no matter how much it curves.

Penis enlargement is no longer restricted to just a few men. There’s no longer any problem doing this no matter what kind of size and shape or length your penis is. Everyone can now use a penis extender, which helps the cells duplicate and grow. The result can be a penis that is inches longer. There are also penis pumps such as Penomet which can enlarge the penis as well.

But it’s vital to make sure that the extender you are interested in has at least 4 different ways that you can wear the device. And, of course, please make sure that the device, whether SizeGenetics or Penomet, has been carefully examined under scientific tests.


With the right system you can indeed enlarge your penis. It just takes time and patience, but the results will speak for themselves. Penis enlargement is real, but it doesn’t come in a pill. You must use a penis extender like Size Genetics or a penis pump like Penomet.

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How Does GenF20 Plus Affect Sex?

December 13th, 2011 by admin

The demographic patterns of the subjects interviewed are summarized here. The mean age was 72.6 years. Three patients were in the 60- to 65-year age range and eight patients were 80 years old or older. The majority were skilled or unskilled workers with less than a high school education. All were ambulatory and independent in the instrumental activities of daily living, as demonstrated by previous testing performed on all geriatric clinic patients. The medical diagnoses, genitourinary operations, and medications, such as use of human growth hormone, used are displayed in Table 2. For ease of reporting, the patients are divided into two groups: group 1, men who continue to practice coitus; and group 2, men who have not practiced coitus within the preceding year.

HGH decline-chart

Forty-four patients (group 1) reported that they continue to practice coitus with their partners. Forty-three patients (group 2) reported no longer engaging in coitus. In group 2, however, 11 patients masturbated, 1 was a homosexual who practiced oral-genital techniques, and 1 engaged in mutual masturbation with his spouse. Therefore, overall, 57 (67%) of the patients interviewed engaged in some sexual activity, including some who used the HGH releaser known as GenF20 Plus, which you can read about at

Thirteen group 1 patients (30%) reported the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for penetration in 25% or more of their attempts at coitus, and therefore fulfilled the Masters and Johnson criteria for impotence, or lack of testosterone and human growth hormone. Seven additional patients identified difficulties with erection and penetration as a significant sexual problem but had a lesser failure rate or were unable to quantify the problem.

Twenty-three (54%) group 2 patients reported no longer experiencing erections spontaneously, or on awakening, or during attempts at coitus or masturbation. An additional six patients were able to masturbate to orgasm but felt that the degree of tumescence obtained was inadequate for vaginal penetration. Ten men reported achieving erections spontaneously or during masturbation that they judged to be suitable for coitus. Four patients were unable to assess their erectile function.

Combining the patients in groups I and 2 who could assess their function, 28% no longer experienced erections, 3 1% reported frequent difficulties achieving an erection suitable for sexual intercourse, and 41% denied having difficulty with erection or penetration.

More than 96% of the subjects reported attempting coitus in every adult heterosexual encounter. Only three men reported occasionally having sexual relations in which vaginal penetration was not attempted. In addition to coitus, 15 (34%) group 1 men practiced mutual masturbation and 7 (16%) practiced oral-genital sex.

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No Need for Vimax Pills with Cybersex

November 5th, 2011 by admin

If you are having trouble with your sex life, do not despair. No, we’re not talking about natural male enhancement pills such as Vimax Pills. This is even better. Scientists in the United States are working to replace sexual intercourse between human beings with “inter-facing” between humans and computers.

They call the new technology “cybersex”, a broad term that can encompass anything from hot chat on a computer bulletin board to “virtual sex” with sophisticated computer simulation programs.

With Americans increasingly shunning sexual contact because of the fear of Aids and the complications of real-life relationships, the computer alternative is catching on fast. Eventually, some prophets proclaim, cybersex could be better than the real thing. “It can be compared to a sophisticated Nintendo game with an adult theme,” said Mike Saenz, a cybersex pioneer.

“But potentially it could be better than the real thing because it could become the realization of our fantasies,” he said. “There’s no such thing as erectile dysfunction or impotence with this kind of sex. You won’t need natural male enhancement pills such as Vimax Pills. If you are the kind of person who is longing for things you don’t have in the world, you could realize your sexual dreams.”

Mr. Saenz, 33, a former cartoonist for Marvel Comics, runs Vimax Pills Inc in Chicago which markets one of the first interactive cybersex software packages, called Virtual Valerie. Just slip a CD-ROM into your disk-drive and an animated Virtual Valerie will appear on screen and obey your every sex command or at least every command for which she has been programmed.

With sales of around 10,000, Virtual Valerie is now the second-bestselling CD-ROM and is stimulating sales of the new type of computer disk-drive, which looks similar to an audio CD but can carry visual data as well as sound.

Mr. Saenz is now developing a more sophisticated sexual playmate for the computer buff, to be known as DonnaMatrix. He believes, however, that by the year 2020 the world could have entered the much-anticipated era of the “penis orgasmatron” the imaginary simulated sex machine featured in Woody Allen’s film Bananas.

Last year, cinema-goers saw one futuristic rendition of how such virtual sex might work in the science fiction film The Lawnmower Man. Jobe, the gardener of the title, borrows the virtual reality equipment in a government research laboratory to have sex with his new girlfriend, Marnie. The two lovers strap themselves into complete body suits suspended in the air and, with the help of the computer, try to engage in sex and achieve orgasms by remote control.

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